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Bridging Distant Worlds: Innovation in the Civic Space

a digital white paper by Public Innovation

5. Recommendations

The purpose of this paper has been to provide context for, and recommend the adoption of, a shared agenda for regional civic innovation in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. The recommendations listed below fall into two categories (1) core recommendations to set the vision and structure for civic innovation to flourish, and (2) a set of future considerations that may accelerate the growth of our regional civic innovation ecosystem.

Core Recommendations

  1. The region’s local government bodies should adopt a resolution in support of a regional agenda modeled after the Draft Regional Civic Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agenda in Appendix A.

  2. The region should establish a multi-sector stakeholder advisory body to advise the region’s local, state, and federal agencies on open data and civic innovation. The advisory body should:

a. Consist of local government staff, leaders of civic organizations, representatives from academia, and members of the entrepreneurship community;

b. Be charged with coordinating open data initiatives and developing civic data standards to support interoperability across all levels of government;

c. Develop and adopt a one-year action plan for the purposes of achieving quick and early wins;

d. Identify areas in which state statute or regulations inhibit civic innovation; and,

e. Identify ways in which civic startups and social enterprises can more easily do business with government through procurement reform.

  1. The region’s local government bodies should commit to allocating a finite set of resources to support civic innovation activities. Such resources might include:

Future Considerations

Actions for future consideration by the advisory body, along with state and local agencies, include:

Appendix B contains a comprehensive framework put forth by the Harvard Kennedy’s School of Government’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, as reference.

Appendix C contains the executive order that created Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics – a public sector innovation lab, also as reference.

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